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At Annadel, we approach services through a defined process. 
Our process is focused on “The Planning Horizon” – is the intersection of goals and execution. 

As a fee-based advisor, we are committed to your growth. Our firm grows with you.

The Planning Horizon

Planning Process

How does any person make a decision? 

The process one goes through when deciding is complex. As with most things in life, if one uses a rational logical structure to make a decision, there is less of a chance of blundering. We invite you to view our The Planning Horizon a Disciplined Process. This tool will become invaluable in your decision making process, and certainly as it applies to investment management.

Investment Process

How can emotional reaction reduce returns?

Emotion emerges as the primary culprit of poor decision in many news articles. Emotion intercepts good judgement and entices us to make an immediate reaction – often knee jerk. Our remedy to this problem is discipline. Discipline requires a process which promotes individuality, open architecture, competent investment managers, progressive financial services.

Tax Advisory

The 900 pound gorilla in the room. 

Taxation planning is becoming less of a luxury and more of a requirement  for clients of all sizes. An investor can no longer contemplate a complete financial and asset management understanding without rationally and conservatively including the ramifications of taxation. Annadel is able to assist you, having focused our careers on tax planning.

Retirement Planning

If tax planning is the 900 pound gorilla in the room, then retirement prep is King Kong.

We go beyond the numbers of retirement planning to look at what it might mean for our clients to live a full life. Current generations of retirees have a zest for life and do not want to go quietly into the night, traveling between campsites in an RV while waiting our their years on the sidelines. 

People like you want to stay involved and continue to experience a meaningful life. 

Rather than speaking of “retired living”, there is a desire to for “emancipated living”. A retirement that is the free pursuit of goals, at a pace that allows you to independently define your sense of balance and your definition of retirement.

Portfolio Strategists

A Portfolio Strategist decides how your assets will be allocated, i.e. what percentage of your total portfolio is invested in the different classes of assets (U.S. stocks, International stocks, Real Estate trusts, Bonds, etc.). A Portfolio Strategist is not a money manager, a fund manager, or an investment manager who only select and trade individual stocks inside of a portfolio/fund. Much of the time the strategist is simply an individual and their broker. 

There are institutional strategists who spent a great deal of time and money making these strategic decisions, according to their own view and outlook. Based on the unique needs of our clients, we select from a variety of institutional strategists most closely aligned with those needs. We are not tied to a single strategist and can seamlessly change when necessary.

 At Annadel, we diversify strategists, using 2-3 in most portfolios.

Investment Solution Providers

We provide a range of investment solutions in each approach, carefully researched and selected by a team of due diligence professionals.

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AssetMark strategies may include investments from the following:

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Estate & Succession

In theory, the senior generation is interested in passing the benefits of their life’s achievements, to the junior generation; in practice, it is hard to accomplish and timing is the planning nightmare. 

If you are pondering this seemingly insurmountable task, we can help you simplify the planning complexity and assist with the design. 

Our decades of hands on experience, brings common sense to the reality of the fickle mind of Congress and the ever changing position of the Internal Revenue Service.