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A “Sunny” Day Hike Up Mt. Whitney

In the fall of 2006, a trio of hikers set out on a sunny fall day at the base of Mt. Whitney for a pleasant day of hiking. 

Aided with garbage collection bags, water bottles and shorts, Jed, Gregg and Jed’s son Travis learned an important lesson that day – we are hit hardest by the challenges we do not see coming. 

Our sunny day hike was interrupted by an incredibly fast moving snow storm – trash bags became impromptu wind breakers, socks were pulled up high. We made it to the top, but not without lessons in planning and perseverance.

Jed, Gregg, & Travis (Jed's Son)

Most everyone has a story dealing with financial issues, and each story is unique. However, these stories share common characteristics: letting emotions influence critical financial decisions, chasing last year’s winners and other of-the-moment financial products, and relying on faulty “rules of thumb”.


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