About Us

Jed, Gregg, & Travis (Jed's Son)

“What started out as an afternoon hike on a sunny morning, turned into a life lesson – that what lies in the path ahead can change. In the case of this hike, Gregg and Jed found themselves caught by a sudden snowstorm as they ascended up Mt Whitney. Focused on their goal, they persevered through the changes and donned bags reserved for trash collecting to provide the slightest bit of protection from the freezing snow.

“It was certainly a lesson in planning for us. Leaving in shorts and sunshine, neither of us expected such a dramatic change was possible – but such is life, and planning for it.”

Over Two Decades of Service

America is home to 276 billionaires, 350,000 deca-millionaires and more than 5 million millionaires. An unprecedented transfer of wealth will occur among the generations during the next several decades. Significant wealth events – especially for those who own businesses – means there is a substantial amount of new money that must be managed carefully to protect your wealth, provide income for your lifestyle and to provide for your goals for your family and legacy.

For over four decades – the Principals of Annadel Capital have helped high net-worth individuals and families to protect their wealth, navigate the stress and interpersonal challenges wealth events can create, and to have the peace-of-mind to know they have the best advice and trusted counsel of the industry’s most respected planning, portfolio, tax and estate professionals.



Jed Cooper

MBA, RIA | Partner

Gregg Smith

CPA, PFS, CGMA | Partner